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  1. If you go by public transport, there’s a direct daladala from Moshi central bus stand to the office at Materuni village. This is very straightforward, you just have to wait until it’s full before it departs. The price is low at around 1000 TZS per person, one-way. I’ve never had to negotiate on busses here in Tanzania so I think they always just give you the correct price. You can just go to the bus stand and ask which one to take.

    It’s important to know that you can’t get from Materuni village to the waterfall by yourself as there’s not a single sign that tells you where to go. There’s guides at the village office and you can negotiate their salary but please keep in mind that a normal salary for a guide is 20 – 25 USD per day plus the same amount in tips. This is for small groups, let’s say up to 8 – 10 people. A lot of them will accept less out of necessity but I always find it important to pay a fair amount.
    Of course the price will depend on your means of transport and whether you use a tour operator or go there by yourself. And if you chose the taxi option, you’ll have to put your negotiating skills to the test in order to get a fair price or you might end up paying just as much as the price of an organized tour. As I wrote above, the bus will cost you around 1.000 TZS one-way and for a taxi for max. 4 people you should pay around 100.000 TZS including a driver that serves as a guide. So you’ll save the salary of the local guide but you’re still supposed to tip the taxi driver.
    The village fee is 10.000 TZS or around 5 USD per adult. Sometimes they give a discount for children, sometimes they don’t. The coffee experience and Chagga lunch are privately ran and tbh I have no idea how much they charge if you go privately. If it’s like everywhere else chances are pretty big it’ll be more than what they charge tour operators. Keeping those prices in mind, I’d say don’t pay more than 10.000 TZS per person for the coffee tour (unless you’re solo, then max. 20.000 TZS) and no more than around 25.000 TZS per person for the lunch. You’ll have to bring your own water.
    If you go to Materuni waterfall and village on an organized tour, you can count around 60 USD per person in a group of 4 people and around 80 USD per person in a group of 2 people. This is considering you’re dealing with a registered tour business that pays taxes and licenses and does things by the book. You can also find guys in the street who will do it for half that price but it’s illegal and risky.

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