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Getting Around Kilimanjaro | Taxi and Shuttle

Getting Around Kilimanjaro | Taxi and Shuttle

Mwanza Transport Options – Taxi/Shuttle – WhatsApp/Call: +255 687 590560

 The transportation system in Kilimanjaro is good, but be warned during the peak hours of the day the traffic can be something you will want to strangle. Yes it’s not a real person but there are points where you wish it was…Nevertheless, here is the guide to getting around Kilimanjaro, the kind you will love and might dislike at times.

The Kilimanjaro Airport  international airport (JRO)  is located not far from Moshi town, an area where many hotels area and an area buzzing with everything you might need. Whether you are staying in the city or in transit to another region in Tanzania, the main transport to get out of the airport is the taxis.

Taxis are abundant  in the city of Kilimanjaro and they are differentiated from one another by a single colored stripe that shows which municipal the taxi is from and the area where it parks as it waits for passengers.

Note that even if they park in a different district they can take you anywhere you want. The taxis different colors and marks which differentiate roues. However let’s go back to the taxis in the airport, they also have stripes but they are exclusively differentiated from the rest of the taxis as they have the word AIRPORT on the side of the door.

Taxi Prices in Kilimanjaro:

The prices of taxis are high than any other transportation in the region but they will get you to where you want covered in comfort and luxury. The airport taxis are the most expensive ranging all the way from twenty five thousand Tanzanian shillings to fifty thousand Tanzanian shillings and more for a trip from the airport to the city centre.

Unlike some countries where meters are used to regulate how much a passenger pays, this is not the case for Tanzania hence what you can do is ask for the price and then bargain your way to a better price. It is all about bargain in Kilimanjaro and Tanzania in general.

Kilimanjaro - Moshi - Transport Contacts

Moshi Taxi Services

Trip Insight - is a well-known brand in provision of Transport in Moshi that include Taxis, airport transfers, Staff travel, Events, conferencing and private functions.

Luxury Buses from Iringa

Luxury Buses from Moshi

The easy way to get to Moshi from Dar es Salaam or any other part of the country is by bus. A bus ride from Dar es Salaam to Moshi is approximately 10 hrs bus trip.

Transfers and Car-Hire

Looking for car rentals in Moshi - Tanzania? Look Car Rental, Contact Trip Insight Tanzania, Local owned business which as offices in Iringa and all Tanzanian major cities.

Travel around Kilimanjaro by Minibus – Dalla Dalla:

Daladalas are another means of transportation which can take you from point a to b. Basically daladala is a public bus that carries passengers from one area to another while making stops on the way to drop others. The daladalas in Mwanza can be easily noted at the bus stands as all of them show their destination on the front of the bus.

They also have one huge colored stripe going around it and the color depends on the route it takes.

This is the cheapest way to travel but on comfort level, not so much especially during the peak hours of the day where there are a lot of people on route. So the advice here is to get in a bus and make sure you get a window seat where you will be a bit far away from the middle aisle where people will stand.

Sometimes looking at daladala will have you thinking that they have one rule which is not to leave any man behind. The prices are fixed; it is usually four hundred shillings for an adult and two hundred shilling for student or a child.

Over the recent years Moshi – Kilimanjaro has seen a massive growth in public motorcycles which are good if you like been driven while feeling the wind and you are not scarred of falling off. Most of us are scared of falling off.

Moshi Town Map

Travel a round Kilimanjaro by Bajaji:

Another recent addition to the transportation in Kilimanjaro is the bajaji. It is a nice comfortable means of transportation that gets you from point A to point B. Its prices are cheap ranging from One thousand and five hundred Tanzanian shilling to ten thousand Tanzanian shillings and more depending on your destination.

Getting to and From Kilimanjaro Airport:

If you are in Arusha city, plan for traffic jams in the mornings and early afternoons. It might take you at least an hour to reach airport, but a bit less from Moshi Kilimanjaro.

Transport in Arusha – Moshi is good  but with just one downside and that is traffic. The traffic in Arusha or Arusha Moshi highway is insane at times and for those who love motorcycles, they get the chance to cut through many vehicles and arriving at their destinations earlier than the rest.

Kilimanjaro FAQ

  • Hiking footwear that is well worn-in (we strongly advise against wearing new boots/shoes)
  • Waterproof coat
  • Walking poles (optional)
  • Water bottle / snacks / day pack

Kilimanjaro is climbable all year round. The best months to climb are December-March, and September-October, which are the warmest and driest months. The next best are June to August, but they are colder. July, August, and September are the busiest months. Summiting on or soon after a full moon is very beautiful and helps illuminate the landscape without using headlamps. However, it is also very bright for sleeping and stars are not as visible.

Temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius at the foot of the mountain and -15 to -20 degrees Celsius on top plus wind chill. Lower down, it can be wet and humid, but higher up, there can be snow. Rain and snow may be encountered any time of the year!

It requires no technical climbing experience, and any moderately fit person can summit the mountain.

Physically, the Marangu and Machame routes are rather different. The main force of Kibo’s volcanic activity occurred out towards the west (the Machame side) and so Machame is steeper – especially in the first day and a half – and more rugged than Marangu. It is often considered more scenic because the views of Kibo are more impressive than from the south-east (the Marangu approach), but many consider the vegetation on day 2 of the Marangu route to be more attractive than anything seen on the western side. As always with mountains, every route has its advantages and drawbacks. The difficulty grading has Marangu as a 1, and Machame a 1+, so there’s not a great deal in it.

Always remember to maintain a slow, steady pace from beginning to end. Going slowly allows the body to acclimatize while hiking. Those who start out too quickly will have troubles higher up the mountain as the body will be overexerted. This still holds true if you are spending an extra day on the mountain.

The minimum age set by the National park Authorities for summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro is 12 years old. However, younger children can attempt the summit with special permission. Younger children can also trek on the mountain without reaching the summit.

Moshi Kilimanjaro Mini Guide

Travellers that aim to visit and climb Mount Kilimanjaro tend to use Moshi Town as their base location before climbing. The town provides many services that are needed for Mountain climbing. With service and offices like banks, restaurants, good infrastructure and hotels for overnight stays before and after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro make Moshi be the first option for Mount Kilimanjaro base camp

Moshi is the nearest town to Mount Kilimanjaro and the cleanest town all over Tanzania. When in Moshi you can view Mount Kilimanjaro on the backdrop of the town. The snowcapped mountain can be seen clearly especially in a blue sky.

The entire Moshi town is surrounded by lush green vegetation and a naturally tranquil atmosphere full of fresh air. Moshi rural that comprises of nearby places like Machame, Marangu, Materuni villages are evergreen.

Where to Stay in Moshi?

Moshi has a wide variety of hotels from budget to mid-range and luxury hotels. The average accommodation options in Moshi are 3-star hotels. These many options at disposal make Moshi the preferred choice of accommodation before your climb.

Best time to Visit Moshi

You can visit Moshi Town any time of the year but the best months to visit Moshi during the dry and warm months are January and February, and also from June to October when the sky is clear. These are also the best months to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Climbs and Treks

Moshi is the preferred town for spending your day before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Trip Insight Tanzania will be happy tom organize your Mountain climbing expedition to the highest peak in Africa.